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My Travels with Tinctures

It’s now been two weeks since I’ve started taking tinctures. Apart from a slight hiccup early on where I took turkey tail and lions mane before bed- prompting a late-night spring clean of my flat, it’s been an entirely pleasant journey!

On most mornings, I opted to use some lions main in my tea or coffee. The lions main tincture was a tad sweet tasting, so I chose to forgo the usual artificial sweetener I use every morning. Since the first drop entered my tea, I’ve decided to replace my sweeteners permanently in favor of a drop or two of lions main. I have nothing against sweeteners, but it’s nice to have an all-natural alternative!

I decided not to take any Reishi until the late afternoon/evenings as I didn’t want my energy levels to drop too early in the day. I would usually pair the Reishi with a fruit/herbal tea, or occasionally, a naughty hot chocolate. Mushrooms can increase the depth of flavor in chocolate. You can even find them in chocolate bars online! I couldn’t determine any difference in the taste, but then I’m no hot chocolate connoisseur.

I haven’t felt any instant rush of relief, sudden surges of brain power, etc. But I have noticed a definite change in my attitude towards day-to-day activities. I’ve noticed that I have more energy during the day, which may be down to the Reishi giving me a great night’s sleep, and I’m a lot more optimistic towards what the day may bring. I’m an incredibly unactive person, opting for a quiet night in with my partner watching TV most nights. Within the last week I’ve begun doing yoga twice daily, daily body workouts and swimming in the sea at least three times a week. I believe the tinctures have helped me clear my mind and begin to enjoy my life a bit more.

I’ve been struggling to get into the rhythm of things ever since I finished University, but it finally feels like I’ve got the energy and the mental capacity to engage with activities during the day. I used to have so little energy and struggled to do anything that I didn’t have to do, so my hobbies slowly drifted away. I’m now drawing, reading, beekeeping, etc. It might not all be down to these mushroom tinctures, but I think they’ve helped massively.

My partner’s cough has subsided, which may or may not be due to the turkey tail, and his stomach feels a lot calmer than it usually does. We’re both sleeping through the night now, which has certainly helped our mood. It’s too early to tell how much this has truly impacted us as we continue our journey with mushroom tinctures. Hopefully we’ll continue to reap the benefits of them.

We’d implore you to make your own mind up about tinctures by giving them a go yourself. Hopefully they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped my partner and I. Take a look here.

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    How much does a 4lb bag usually yield?

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