Spore Solution Looks Clear? Here’s Why

Sonication is a process in which high frequency sound waves are used to disrupt cells or particles suspended in a liquid. When applied to a solution containing spores, sonication can cause the spores to break apart or become disrupted, resulting in a clear or transparent appearance.

However, it is important to note that the appearance of a solution containing spores after sonication will depend on a number of factors, including the type of spores, the concentration of spores in the solution, and the intensity and duration of the sonication. In some cases, the solution may appear cloudy or turbid due to the presence of disrupted spores or other debris but will often look clear.

When sonication is used, every spore in the solution has been dispersed and as you know, spores are microscopic – you cannot see a single spore with the naked eye. We only sell spores for microscopy research so when you look under your microscope, you will see your spores. Please bare in mind that we sell a large amount of spores so you can rest easy knowing that we know what we are doing.

It is always important to carefully observe and monitor the appearance of any solution containing spores, and to follow appropriate safety measures when handling spores to minimize the risk of exposure.

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